I had never seen a Peregrine so close.

Backyard Falcon

Jim McCool

I had never seen, 
a Peregrine,
so close.
A blue-black backed
cruciform that
through the 
side alleyway.

It wheeled around 
and up
to perch and squeal 
among the backyard
Gum tree branches.

It argued with
the resident Ravens,
casually dismissed 
a foolish Magpie,
and continued 
to re-attempt 
to claim
the carcass
of a broken
Spotted Dove
which had fell
upon the neighbour’s 
front door stoop.

It flittered, footered
And almost tried 
To hover,
But was repelled
From landing
By the presence
Of a watching cat.

It retreated 
to the safety 
of wires
and sat there
with golden yellow
talons, glaring.

Author Bio: Jim has been interested in nature since he was very young, growing up in Northern Ireland. Now a resident of NSW's Central Coast region, he is fascinated by the amazing beauty of the Australian landscape, flora and fauna. He is often to be found peering into puddles or staring at tree tops, with a look of either puzzlement or satisfaction on his face.

Location: Umina Beach, NSW, Australia