Yes Baccharis! (No, noisy miner)
Zoë Sadokierski
In defiance, or perhaps thanks, it’s grown back with a vengeance. A family of nesting miner birds twit incessantly somewhere in there.
Whole chestnut and the ‘scraps’ are dropped by the parakeets at the same time Foraging, with a little help from my messy-eating immigrant friends
Xuemeng Wang
During my walks around London, I would often see chestnuts on the ground, or, rather, what was leftover, because someone had arrived before me.
Going Cuckoo
Paul Hadley
At not much more than twenty metres away, the sight and sound of two huge birds flapping noisily ... was enough to shock even us.
The Little Reddy
Tiago Miranda
... there it was, the baby red wattle bird, perched firmly on a small twig where mom first left it.
Brush-turkey in my Backyard
Kevin Purdy
Yes, there was a Brush-turkey in the backyard. We were both stunned, it’s impossible! We exclaimed, how the hell did it get here?
The Fig and Me
Tiago Miranda
The root flair seems to accommodate me really well. I didn’t leave anytime soon.
Jump Little Monkey
Dan Robinson
For a split second he soars, a look of terror on his face.
Ranunculis prasinus, the Tunbridge Buttercup The Smallest of Things
Lucy Watson
Now that spring is underway the birds have stopped visiting, and the Buttercup is again a lush green carpet dotted with hundreds of little yellow flowers.