Four leaf clovers
Elizabeth Stephens
Since I was about 10, I’ve been able to find four leaf clovers pretty much everywhere I go.
My Suburban Birds
Christian Ifi
It has become almost a ritual whenever I need to clear my head.... sitting outside and watching for birds.
The Annual Avian Feast
Sarah L. Clark
Discarded seed pods would rain down on us and trail into the house for the weeks the birds were with us. We’d watch them, up close and personal, sometimes 30 at a time.
Along came the deck spider
Emily Mann
Deck Spider regularly swept gum leaves and rotten prey from her web, but I never saw her do it. How does a spider unglue objects without breaking its web? I needed to see how it was done.
A common need to shelter
Brigitta Summers
Wading about in this pool, a man near me started pointing at something under the water. Squinting through the distortions of the surface, I could see an octopus.
Golden Wings
Sabrina D. Benetti
They fly from tree to tree singing stories.
Eye of the Cuttlefish
James Roden
I have had many fascinating encounters with octopuses, but my current love is for their cousin - the giant Australian cuttlefish
Cockatoo! Art and Book by Donna L. Huntriss
Donna L. Huntriss
Bin Cockys and urban birds inspiration. Art inspired by the local inundation of birds (mainly Corella cockatoos and sulphur crested variety) in my local town.