Lost and Found: Have You Seen My Childhood Garden?
June Rubis
We stared at each other, unblinking. And it seemed for a moment that the borders between my past and present, collapsed and I was home again once more.
The Importance of Natural Buffer Zones
Glenn Smith
The smaller male catches prey and brings it to the larger female. This series of photos shows the exchange taking place. Plus, some activity to ensure the continuation of the species.
A Sweet Reprieve
Sarah McNeill
Then a ladybird appeared and settled herself onto the page of my book. So tiny and perfect. I was lost in the moment as I gazed at her intricate beauty.
Stanley Confides In Us
Stephen Downes
Five days in a row Stanley visited, quietly and skilfully biting open the small red Cotoneaster fruits and extracting the tiny seeds with his tongue.
Waiting and Wondering
Darryl Jones
It’s already nearing the end of September and they are late, at least where I live. I hadn’t realised how much their arrival meant to me but with each passing day, that becomes clearer.
Life Among The Golf Balls
Lynne Blundell
I’m not a fan of golf courses... Sometimes though, they are havens for flora and fauna in suburbia.
Urban Sunbirds in Delhi—
Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
Alankrita Narayan
Suraj and Surya first visited me on the morning of 23 March 2020, the first day of the first nationwide lockdown, here in Delhi... I soon found myself captivated.

Soundscapes of Lockdown
Filipa Soares
It was through my (thankfully big) windows that for months I experienced the natural world outside...there was one sound that caught my attention: the shrill sound of flocks of ring-necked parakeets, which contrasted with the silence of empty streets.