Joan, My Little Warrior
Dasni De Silva
I learnt to look beyond outer appeal, and to find beauty in imperfection.
Baby Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo
John Martin
And then we saw it, the highlight of the swim, an exhilarating sight despite it’s diminutive size - a juvenile dusky whaler shark.
Brush-turkeys, in their own unique way
Nathan Turner
It’s the Brush-turkey that makes my day, in their own unique way, they make me smile and have done so for a while.
Little Discoveries in the Garden
Danielle Corrie
The only brightly coloured beetle I have previously seen is a Christmas beetle. However, this beetle isn't one of those.
Walking in the Park
Carrie Bennett
I wandered through the trees when little eyes looked at me
Difficult family dramas of love, grief and deceit
Kate Judith
Cuckoo and currawong know each other well around here, these species are strange family, entangled through generations of deceit, exploitation, abandonment, grief, and love.
Are you Alright mate?
Tiago Miranda
Out of the blue, a deep bellowing sound came out of the woods. I was stunned by it as I felt this creature was right next to me.
Running Buddy
Timo Rissanen
I have no doubt he recognises me: many birds recognise human faces and he would recognise my voice, too. I chat to him for a couple of minutes, he circles me excitedly, and then I get on my way again.