A Tail of my Suburb
Deb Little
Maybe it was true, as I had heard, that the thickish Optus wire provided a means of travel for Ring-tail possums.
Noisy and The Moth
Tiago Miranda
Then, in the blink of an eye, a noisy miner glides in and uses its beak to tear the moth down to the ground.
The Wombat Adventure
Yaela Golumbic
Shortly after we embarked on our exploration mission, we spotted the offender. A cute, furry, grass-eating wombat.
Butcherbird and nest You and I
Thamara Sumanasekara
The sight of a butcherbird collecting sticks and twigs caught my eye one of these mornings, and I soon saw the home she had been building.
A Battle for a Butterfly
Dan Robinson
I was fixated in a kind of horror; it was remarkably gruesome for such a miniature scene.
Yes Baccharis! (No, noisy miner)
Zoë Sadokierski
In defiance, or perhaps thanks, it’s grown back with a vengeance. A family of nesting miner birds twit incessantly somewhere in there.
Whole chestnut and the ‘scraps’ are dropped by the parakeets at the same time Foraging, with a little help from my messy-eating immigrant friends
Xuemeng Wang
During my walks around London, I would often see chestnuts on the ground, or, rather, what was leftover, because someone had arrived before me.
Going Cuckoo
Paul Hadley
At not much more than twenty metres away, the sight and sound of two huge birds flapping noisily ... was enough to shock even us.