They Can be Found Hiding in Plain Sight
Graham Harkom
My new neighbourhood has its own hidden bird, the Nankeen Night Heron. A regular stream of humans pass unaware of its presence amongst the rotting bollards.
Tennis Balls and Bats
Brad Law
I don’t mind a game of tennis, especially at night when the inky darkness beyond the floodlights hides all sorts of creatures great and small
Tawnies on the Cooks - or - On Being Unobservant.
Valerie Atkinson
Sue got binoculars and a new, slower world opened up.
Slow Days in the Darling Downs
Robert Whiteley
The fauna that has been here for millennia has adapted and, in some cases, benefited from the farming environment.
NIGEL the Magnificent Soldier Beetle
David Hooper
I'm discovering the mini-beast kingdom...invertebrates...a world of wonders...colours, bizarre shapes & tiny faces.
Native Stingless Bees are Fun, Interesting and Good to Have Around
Ron Haering
In the warmer months, they forage for pollen and nectar returning with two bright yellow bags of food tucked under their hind limbs.
A Tail of my Suburb
Deb Little
Maybe it was true, as I had heard, that the thickish Optus wire provided a means of travel for Ring-tail possums.
Noisy and The Moth
Tiago Miranda
Then, in the blink of an eye, a noisy miner glides in and uses its beak to tear the moth down to the ground.