Mighty Marsupial Mouse
Sarah Renwick
Being a bird-watcher I’m looking for that telltale rustle in a thick bush and I keep an ear out for bird-calls in the forest canopy. Occasionally I can hear something scratching around in the leaf litter on the forest floor.
Native Pollinators but Non-Native Plants
Amanda Ball
Do Pollinator Gardens Actually Do More Harm than Good?
182 days
Daisy Zheng
My eyes followed the parade of ants popping one by one out of a hole in strict formation, swerving and swivelling in their march to avoid the intermittent passer-by.
My own pineapple!
Olivia Wu
Every weekend we would check on its progress and found real joy in watching it grow, and doing research about how best to tend to it.
The creature behind the buzzing sound we all hear
Megan Harvey-Brazeau
I see a cicada struggling to get out of my dog’s pool. I decide to help the little guy out by putting my finger in front of him, and he eagerly grabs on.
Field Journal Entry: Eastern Grey Squirrel
Emma Mossington
This story is an entry from a biology student's field journal. A great example of the genre, and of how rewarding urban observation and sketching can be.
Koala is up Again
Giulia Lepori
John placed the cage at the eucalyptus’ base, opened it, and off he jumped! So agile, he stopped halfway and looked down at us, humans on the ground looking up at him.
From Glory to Death
Sonu Yadav
Though I am restricted to a 5km radius, I realised there is so much to explore. I began to notice flowers and trees around me, and started searching their scientific names and life-history traits.