Discovering the World I've Always Lived In
Ashlie Blackwell
I soon found myself stopping the car and crouching in the ditch to photograph some plant I had probably happily ignored for my whole life.
Is Your Head In The Clouds?
by Paul Hadley
‘Nephology’ is the study of clouds but you don’t have to be a scientist to have an interest in clouds.
Rise And Shine
John Martin
The horizon appears as a thin line, the water sparkles, the clouds glow, the golden ball emerges.
How Many Native Bees Fit Into Six Car Parking Spaces?
by Michael Whitehead
I began watching the bees closely last year in lockdown. The tiny, faintly metallic Sweat Bees are most common, and they appear first in Spring.
Suburban Bushwalks
Dominique D'Silva
After a very steep and winding track, we find ourselves in a valley of sorts, where the air is damp and cooling and the trees create a sky high canopy.
Tree of Snails
Kendra Gardner
I saw the most wildlife on this walk, including some squirrels (both on trees and on the ground), some spiders on the trees, a few robins flying around, and I saw a small, dead tree full of snails.
A Red Sun
Caroline Son
In the future, I wish to be an even more responsive and helpful member of the community as I believe coming together is the only way to get through hardship.
Mighty Marsupial Mouse
Sarah Renwick
Being a bird-watcher I’m looking for that telltale rustle in a thick bush and I keep an ear out for bird-calls in the forest canopy. Occasionally I can hear something scratching around in the leaf litter on the forest floor.