The Sooty Oystercatcher
Marisa Vernon
There's a special little bird here that I see often. It's a funny looking creature - black all over, squat on short pink legs that almost seem to bend the wrong way as it walks, with a long orange beak that is remarkably designed for purpose.
Lockdown Backyard
Eleanor Cheng and Philipp Glanz
Looking up and around us really showed us how many different species of animals the gardens housed.
Waterway Encounters: Two Herons
Catherine Oliver
I stop and crouch on the canal path. The heron is across the canal, partially hidden by reeds.
Mint Tree
Lucy Cartwright
I look around for a bit and realised that I had all the colour right in-front of me.
Our New Neighbour
Daniel Ali
It bobbed its head back and forth calling out ‘boobook, boobook, boobook'.
Spikey and Snapping Hitchhikers
Maggie Gordon
Initially shocked by its presence in the middle of the country road, I was immediately humbled by its prehistoric features and large size.
Stop, Kookaburra, Leave Some There For Me
by Kevin Shi
The maniacal laughter of the kookaburra is something I never put much thought into. I remember how frequently it woke me up at my family home, the raucous sound signalling the start of my day.
Discovering the World I've Always Lived In
Ashlie Blackwell
I soon found myself stopping the car and crouching in the ditch to photograph some plant I had probably happily ignored for my whole life.