Milk Weed Combo
Keith Russell
Leaf for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, & dinner...Yet it appears fat and content.
A Breath, Shared Between Two
Zsuzsanna Ihar
A lone Philodendron sits in front of my living room window. Its arms stretch towards the glass, seeking light greedily in a way that is both earnest and unashamed.
Christmas Decorations
Lorraine Shannon
While digging in manure to plant some fennel seedlings I unearthed several larvae of Christmas beetles.
Paco and Juanita
Daniel Milnor
The next four months were a dance of getting to know our new friends as they feverishly built their nest within inches of our open window.
Meihua Figures of Hope
Jamie Wang
Its ability to power through winter and to then bloom in early Spring, sometimes among snow and ice, is associated with hope and perseverance.
Two Types of Wild Life
Michele Lockwood
I live with animals all around me – snakes slithering in my roof, frogs in the toilet and birds walking in the front door.
Dinner at Danielle’s
Keith Russell
Said Spider to the Fly: ‘Welcome to my web.’ / Said Fly to the Spider: ‘Could I meet you at a Fair?’
Odd Real Estate Services
Tiago Miranda
Building a bird box is no less an obligation towards nature than paying taxes on time is to society.