A good old Aussie Butterfly
Danielle Corrie
Taking in the sounds of the rainbow lorikeets high up in the gum trees, a black butterfly with white tipped wings and a dot of red at its rear captivates my attention.
A Murder of Crows
Erin Roger
Overhead were probably 50 crows perched on telephone wires. Like the crow on the ground, they were quiet.
Wandering at Strange Hours
Ryan Powell
Me being there at 5 in the morning was clearly a breach of some unwritten contract between fox and human.
Rain, Rain, Come Again
Kumudika de Silva
Some fly to neighbouring trees and continue the same raucous behaviour. They seem to be revelling in this rain.
'Austroaeschna obscura'?
Paul Hadley
To the naked eye it is a rather plain dragonfly but closer observation reveals a spectacular insect.
The Gaps We Leave
Tom Davids
I think of the endless troops of insects and arachnids that have taken advantage of the quiet inside, the stillness, to form a refuge from the ebb of street life, heaving just mere meters away.
The Sooty Oystercatcher
Marisa Vernon
There's a special little bird here that I see often. It's a funny looking creature - black all over, squat on short pink legs that almost seem to bend the wrong way as it walks, with a long orange beak that is remarkably designed for purpose.
Lockdown Backyard
Eleanor Cheng and Philipp Glanz
Looking up and around us really showed us how many different species of animals the gardens housed.