Enchanted by its Simple Beauty
Tiago Miranda
This is my mini-pot-forest with tiny plants and hollow habitats in the backyard amongst brick and pavement.
Panic! At the backyard biome.
Remi Kennedy
Before anyone could arrive to take a look at the squirrel, it had proven them right and climbed out of my yard and retreated to the safety of the trees.
Baby Elephant. Medium: Fuzz.
Madeline Donald
I would, I told myself, walk regularly in and with the riparian habitats of the Okanagan and Similkameen watersheds for one year, sharing encounters with the myriad beings who people the riparian assemblage.
A Mysterious South American Bird
Stella Maris Schulte
I saw a strange looking bird. Tall, majestic, it stood still, as if in deep thought.
Bag a Pardon
Tiago Miranda
All of a sudden, after five minutes of pure joy watching her, she flew away, hopefully thankful for the friendly contact.
The War of the Roses
Jacquie Bird
Below all the Chatswood apartment towers is a small, perfectly manicured French rose garden. Flocks of cockatoos shred the tips of its magnolias looking for treats.
Hold it Tight
Tiago Miranda
These ants are skilled in rubbish collecting, earthmoving and fauna disposal.
Art Of Nature
Wade Kelly
Each day brought subtle changes. I watched bushes explode with flowers. Green became obscured, replaced temporarily by magenta, fuchsia, orange, and a multitude of shades any painter would struggle to replicate.