The Buffalo Beach
Daniel Robinson
One day me and my friend Jack were spending a sunny Sunday at the beach. As were the buffalo. The herd sprawled in the sand sunbathing, some of the youngsters splashing playfully in the shallows.
The Quick Brown Fox and the Very Lucky Chicken Nugget?????
Michael Shiels
The fox had darted across the yard, she saw it jump up and onto the top of the back fence, which is 5 feet high, with poor Chicken “Nugget” in its mouth.
My Friend the Blue Tongued Lizard
Dashiell Vonwiller
Blue Tongued Lizards can live up to 30 years in the wild and 20 in captivity, which I hope means I can keep visiting my friend for a while.
Dash, aged 10, is the youngest contributor thus far - thanks Dash!
Backyard Eucalyptus
Jim McCool
Backyard gum trees provide homes and food for multiple species, but as building density in suburbia increases, the pressure on this important habitat has intensified.
Dragons of the Sea
Grace Vonwiller
The Blue Glaucus, as well as many other species of sea slug, don't produce their own toxins, but rather attain them through consuming their prey.
One Square Meter
Author: Chris Caines
Staring into the back lawn while drinking morning coffee, the small area near the back step teems with the activity of a Bruegel painting.
Just Don't Bite Them
Lani Crooks
Six thousand flying foxes are exiting the camp tonight, and it’s only the start of the season.
They Can be Found Hiding in Plain Sight
Graham Harkom
My new neighbourhood has its own hidden bird, the Nankeen Night Heron. A regular stream of humans pass unaware of its presence amongst the rotting bollards.