I learnt to look beyond outer appeal, and to find beauty in imperfection.

Joan, My Little Warrior

Dasni De Silva

Life’s most precious lessons and memories come in white feathers and broken beaks.
Dedicated to Joan. Fly forever, little warrior.
I saw strength in your eyes, on a cold and rainy day, as your bare body starved warmth and hoped for feathers.
I saw courage in your heart, when you uncovered a careful route to my garden, nervously I watched you fly home every night.
I saw patience, as you waited to eat last, and never wasted a single seed or grain. You taught me that every moment in life matters.
I learnt to look beyond outer appeal, and to find beauty in imperfection. I know we didn’t talk much, but our quiet conversations were serene, sincere and soulful.
I felt the happiness of selfless love, standing outside with you, I hardly felt the chill of winter or the heat of summer, you had it a lot harder.
I know every day was difficult, you still turned up with your strong will and one yellow feather, raised high up in the air. That's how I will always remember you.
I promise to find hope in every sunrise and gratitude in every sunset, just like you did.
Joan, you left a lasting memory in my heart.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo not suffering from beak and feather disease. Photo Glenn Smith.

Author bio: Dasni is a technologist and data nerd from the corporate world whose lockdown experience was a deep connection to Nature. All life is one, let’s be kind to those without a voice.

Location: Rowville, Victoria, Australia